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<3 In Love <3 ::: STAMPED:::

I met Geoff Rickly last night!!


He's so beautiful <3

Gina and I stood outside for 3-4  hours in the 30 degree weather. By the end of this time we made some friends from South Brunswick, Missy and Alex. And we started to take 20 minute shifts in the car. Once we were inside we were just standing there in our own little state of happiness and Gina goes "Oh my God! Grace, that's Geoff!!" And I turned around and it was!! We walked over and told him how much we loved him, he was so touched, it was so awesome. I got a hug! Ahhhhhhhh. I was going nuts. We were both in awe and just calling people the second we walked away. So not only glassjaw cancelled on this show, converge ended up cancelling also. The word on the street was that they either got snowed in or in a car accident. Im not really sure which is true. So the two openers were all broken- i liked them a lot. and Turmoil -- ehh.. they were havey hardcore shit- I wasnt very much a fan. But then Thursday came on and I still couldnt flippin' see beacuse of the fat/tall bitches in front of us. What pissed me off the most was that they were friends of Thursday so they were in the dressing room and everything with them all day, and then they wouldnt let two huge fans go in front of them. They knew the whole night that we were flipping out over Geoff and then they just stood there. I was so bothered. By the end of Thursday my little body was pushed all the way to the back. So I just went and got merch and then listened from the back -- not much of a difference considering I couldnt see in the second row. But the set was over an hour long and just orgasmic :-)  They ended with Jet Black New Year and This Song Brought To You By A Falling Bomb it was just beautiful they were part of the encore. ::sigh:: just thinking about last night gives me shivers. I just still cant believe I met him! --  I'm so bruised from elbows and shit. Its very painful but very very worth it.


And they played so much old stuff it was AWESOME. Just purely genius.

And it was the first time they performed 'Tomorrow I'll Be You' live. ::sigh::


Thursday Is Love

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