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My heart answers in the form of a question.



10 Favorite Bands:Good Charolett,Blink 182,the killers, the most of my favorite bands.
Favorite Song:I miss you -by blink182
Favorite Lyrics:ware are you
and im so sorry
i cannot sleep i cannot dream tonight
i need some body and always

5 Least Favorite Bands:Anything country.
5 random things about you:I am a ditz big time, I have my "blonde moments." I love correct grammer,the number 2 and the colors pink and black
Something Funny:try walking  up the staires not though.
5 Favorite Movies:Bride of chucky,Boogeyman, The ring,Texas chainsaw masscre( i freackin peed when i saw it...mentally) and white noise.
3 Favorite Books:Ghost of fossil glen, the sunny booke series and goosebumpes...when i was little
Please Promote in ATLEAST 2 communities, and provide a link (I will be checking):www.livejournal.com/community/simplexlayouts and www.livejournal.com/community/_justgorgeous
Something Funny:mmm the one uo there^ is the only one i can remeber maybe somthing else later.
What is your opinion on people labeling others?I dont think it's right, if people want to be labeld the they can put a postit note on them selves.(not tryying to be mean)
Why should we accept you?Because i avide by all the rules and this sounds and looka like it's and swome community.

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