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Location:Oswego New York
10 Favorite Bands:Boxcar Racer, Good Charolette Blink 182 Greenday,Penfifteen club,Something Corporate,Taking Back Sunday,The Killers,Dashboard Confessional
Favorite Song:Adams Song Blink 182
Favorite Lyrics:The building turned it's back ignored my call,
The concrete looks too thin to break my fall,
The sunset stretched across this nighttime scene,
I counted people as I neared the street below,

5 Least Favorite Bands:Simple Plan, any country bands...umm i dont really have a lot of dislike bands
5 random things about you:Im a Big Ditz  im Kinda punk my favorite number is five i looovee the color black i sit infront of the computer for more than 3 hrs at once
Something Funny:Never ever try to walk through a sliding glass door..it doesnt work and it kinda hurts
5 Favorite Movies:Boogeyman The Ring Texas Chainsaw Masscre (even though it scared the daylights out of me) Sleepy Hollow and The Grudge
3 Favorite Books:Speak ,Hostage , crank, go ask alice,The story of a pig
Please Promote in ATLEAST 2 communities, and provide a link (I will be checking): www.livejournal.com/community/simplexlayouts and www.livejournal.com/community/_justgorgeous_
Something Funny:idk o cant think of anything right now..it was a long day..hey..isnt that on here 2 times?

What is your opinion on people labeling others?i think its wicked gay...point a finger you got three pointing back
Why should we accept you?because i think that this commmunity seems really cool

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