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Alright..... I am back!
Tsunami Relief concert last night kicked my ass. I almost broke my sternum and I re-effed up my knee. ( I have a previously torn miniscus)

The Banner -- I do not like them
Like Yesterday <33 Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.
Senses Fail -- Im not a big fan of their new stuff so it was just alright.
COHEED AND CAMBRIA PLAYED NEW MUSIC!!!! <3333 I WAS DYING I WAS SO HAPPY. And I was right in the front so I could actually see Claudio and his greatness... Their new stuff is just amazing, it wasn't all finished so it wasn't perfect or anything-- but I am so stoked for a new album from them now... wow. I just can't wait.
My Chem -- I just saw them so I wasnt too excited. Pretty much the same set.
Taking Back Sunday -- Cute Without The E <3
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