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I'll post again in here.... pick up the slack people!

This past Saturday, the1st, was the My Chemical Romance show at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey. So me being so cool, I was there. It was awesome. Not nearly as amazing as meeting the love of my life, Geoff, but still awesome.

Royden opened, they were really good. I met the lead singer Steve aka Treebo after the show by their merch table. He was an awesome awesome guy -- he signed my CD for me - how kind.
Drive-By played next - they didnt really impress me.
Then, MIDTOWN-- awwwesome. They were added on when Head Automatica cancelled. But it was worth it- they were wonderful.
Next was Fred from Taking Back Sunday - he played acoustic - and I melt for acoustic music and hes a great singer/songwriter/guitarist so it was amazing as well.
Then the long awaited My Chemical Romance boys came on-- looking sexy and all-- it was an awesome awesome show. so worth going and almost breaking my foot and almost getting into a fight with a little pop-princess-bitch

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