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My heart answers in the form of a question

10 Favorite Bands: Simple plan, good charlotte, green day, Kiss, AcDc, linkin park, my chemical romance, blink 182, the killers
Favorite Song: Let Me Love You
Favorite Lyrics:Fistful of Diamonds Hand Full of Rings
5 Least Favorite Bands:
5 random things about you:i am about 5ft 5, i have danced since i was 2, i love the colors red black white and gray, i hang with friends like all the time, i am not afraid to play football, soccer, or basketball with the boys
Something Funny:
5 Favorite Movies:save the last dance, center stage, grease, titanic, sugar and spice
3 Favorite Books: a series of unfortunate events, mystery at kittiwake bay, 10 things i hate about you
Please Promote in ATLEAST 2 communities, and provide a link (I will be checking):
Something Funny:running into brick walls hurts very badly and do not try it
What is your opinion on people labeling others?i think that it is really stupid
Why should we accept you? i think that this community is really kewl and also i am from oswego too
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